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About Packir

Packir is the most famous food delivery equipment supplier all over the world. In the past 12 years, we have sent out food delivery bags to almost all the countries in the world and we establish very good relationship with the top10 companies in the food delivery industry. Thanks for McDonald, KFC, Deliveroo, Pizza hut, Papa Johns, Domino's, Just Eat, Uber, Foodora, FoodPanda's continuous purchase every month and their great comments are Packir's main push to improve the products.

Food delivery bags are the perfect answer to manage your food business more effectively with the right equipment. They are long-lasting and practical too. Home cooks and chefs are impressed by the frugality and dependability of these food delivery bags. Choose the right dimensions from the different listed items to meet your requirements.

We make more models than anyone else in the industry so that our bags can meet your specific needs.  We strive to have bags that have superior quality, quality workmanship, and use the best available materials.  Customer satisfaction and service is important to us.  Our staff is available for you to talk with and answers your questions and make sure you get the right bag or bags to meet your needs!

As the most famous brand on outdoor food delivery field all over the world, Packir has been researching and manufacturing heat insulated box and bag, food delivery box and bag, breast milk bag etc all the time as the moment of its birth. Packir now has up to 50 related patents.

Packir will lead the industry go ahead always using advanced insight, and high service sense to our customers.


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